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31. října 2017 v 3:54
The light bulb used is a 25, 20, or 15 watt, depending on the candle warmer you purchase. CPSC Chairman Ann Brown comments, Candle sales are booming and families are lighting candles in their living rooms, family rooms, dens and bathrooms. According to the National Candle Association, between 70-80% of Americans use candles in their homes. On several occasions, family and friends of mine have decided to wipe down their walls only to find they are coated with black soot from their flamed candles. Tea lights and tapers are common culprits in house fires. How can Scentsy Wickless candles solve these safety issues? Scentsy candles are 100% flame free. The Scentsy bars are made of highly scented wax that you break into a small cube to melt in the top of the warmer. The wonderful thing about flameless candles is they only release the scent, nothing more. In many cases, candles that caused house fires were left unattended, tipped over or ignited nearby combustibles. Children often hide in closets or under beds, which also leads to tragic fatalities. The Environmental Health Safety Commission has done studies that show byproducts released from burning candles may include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot particles. Burning candles are also found to release particles into the air that can pollute our homes. Once the scent is gone you just pour out the wax, wipe out the warmer top and put in your new wax Where does the wax go? It goes into the air in the form of soot and smoke. With a Scentsy warmer, you have a decorative ceramic warmer that you can use again and again. From this information we can see that flamed candles are unsafe and not family-friendly. Almost half were started in a bedroom and mattresses or bedding was the most commonly ignited items. When you use the Scentsy wax bars, you will notice the scent eventually goes away with use but the wax stays.Candles are a very popular commodity in the United States. Children playing with candles are one of the biggest contributors to house fires. This article was written by Lisa Murdock, Independent Scentsy Consultant. Scentsy candles are also soot less and smokeless.

.scents2buy. When you consider the safety and health benefits combined with the additional savings over a jar candle, why would you buy anything else other than Scentsy candle bars and warmers? You are eventually left with an empty, black jar. In a 2001 study done by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it was found that deaths caused by fires from candles have increased over 700 percent. The wax is warmed, not burned in a Scentsy Candle Warmer. No more worries about wondering if you blew out the candle before you left your home or if your 4 -year-old is going to get burned by playing with the candle. Very simple and easy to use and smells wonderful! And you still have your beautiful Scentsy Candle Warmer. These candles are electric warmers that edison light use a low watt light bulb to warm the wax. With the traditional wicked candles, come many problems and dangers. When you have a traditional wicked jar candle and you light it, the candle goes down as it burns. There are some scary statistics about using traditional candles in our homes. Wicked candles bring smoke, soot and an open flame into homes and around loved ones.

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